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Nautilus said:
Lonely_Dolphin said:
You're the one not listening, as I just showed, surprise is in fact not essential, the content itself being good is what matters. Another example, Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival. That sure was quite the surprise wasn't it? I mean come on, as if those who are interested in Overcooked 2 suddenly don't care anymore because it was spoiled rather than being happy to see gameplay and a release date.

Oh cmon.I thought it was common sense, and pretty explicit, that if the game is not good or if it the oposite of what people want(in every sense), it would be obvious that gamers would be negative about it.I mean, is it not obvious?I meant about games people want, sequel or not, and you know it.Now you are being ridiculous.

Surprise is essential.Or if you dont like that word, pretty important.Otherwise people wouldnt look foward for E3 and directs.they look foward to them to see new games or new footage of announced games and thus, be surprised by whats new or different.That "unknown" factor is obviosly important.Its marketing, its making a good first impression.

Jesus you are reaching incredibly hard. Common sense should tell you that if surprise factor can't help a bad game, but a good game can still excite and succeed without surprise factor, then the game being good is all that matters.