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Nautilus said:
Lonely_Dolphin said:
And I'm using data to back up my claim of 1st party holding more weight, thus directs are rated mainly by their 1st party showing. That some 3rd partys have seen moderate success doesn't change this. That quote of mine, "Even if the games hadnt leaked, it would make the direct 0.2% better," is not dismissing the games themselves rather than the effect surprise factor has. 2 million people myself included still downloaded Fortnite day 1 despite everyone knowing it was coming. Mario + Rabbids was still a hit despite being spoiled months in advance.

So if surprise factor means little, and most people mainly care about 1st party which is why the direct is getting heat in the first place, then I think it's less bs and more common sense to say thay the leaks had no effect on how the direct is being percieved.

And therein lies your mistake.You are so obssesed with selling the idea that since the first party games shown there werent as exciting as people thought they would be, the presentation failed to live up to expectations, that you cant actually read what im defending.Im not saying that if the games in general werent leaked beforehand the presentation would be amazing, Im saying that it would have been better.As a show, as something that people will rate their excitement over, surprise is essential.After all, for you to excite people, to surprise them, you have to excite them with something they never seen, they never experienced.And thus, having its games not spoiled before is beneficial for the presentation.Plus you say you are talking facts and all, but you go and throw a 0.2% there, as if you can actually quantify something like that, with that precision.Please.

And all the sales data I presented serve to prove that the Switch userbase is more diverse than your usual Nintendo console.They are not only buying Nintendo games and games associated with its platforms(which is still where the big chunck of software sales comes from), but also buying stuff that are not only not common on the platform but also that are from different genres, like DOOm, Skyrim, Fifa and all the indies.If the Switch userbase is more diverse, the chance of them liking stuff other than Nintendo is higher.And thus, by consequence, the number of people that would have been happy with a surprise announcement of something like Overcooked 2 would be significant, which in turn would increase the percentage of people satisfied with the presentation.Thats all.

You're the one not listening, as I just showed, surprise is in fact not essential, the content itself being good is what matters. Another example, Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival. That sure was quite the surprise wasn't it? I mean come on, as if those who are interested in Overcooked 2 suddenly don't care anymore because it was spoiled rather than being happy to see gameplay and a release date.