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DélioPT said:
zorg1000 said:

Kind of a silly notion. Here are the things they announced or shown first footage of at the Directs so far this year.

The World Ends With You

Hyrule Warriors DX

Mario Tennis Aces

Tropical Freeze

Captain Toad

Dark Souls

Okami HD


No More Heroes

Little Nightmares

Crash Bandicoot

South Park

Daemon x Machina



Dragon Ball Fighter Z

Overcooked 2

Mario Party

Pokemon Lets Go

Fire Emblem

Smash Bros


They have had a bunch to show this year and have more in upcoming Directs.

MS talked about 50 games at their press conference, whereas Nintendo talked about 21 games, YTD.
Even if we count the games that are going to be announced - which clearly won't be 29 - the difference is more than visible. Also, it's a platform in it's second year versus a platform in it's fifth year.

This is what i mean that Nintendo doesn't have enough to show for.
Even if Nintendo packed everything into a single presentation, they would pale in comparison; 

and the PS conference only showed 8 does that means it a dying console?

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