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Gaming can be an expensive hobby, and since not all games come out on all consoles, decisions have to be made. Many people buy a single console each generation, whether it's due to financial limitations, dis-interest in what the competition has to offer, or perhaps brand loyalty.

Personally, I pick up Nintendo consoles and Sony consoles at the earliest opportunity, as that affords me luxury of playing 98% of all games. In the past I have picked up Microsoft consoles late into the generation, or early into the one following (but still no Xbone yet).

On a website such as this, where we come here for gaming discussion, but also sales stats, videogames are a large part of many of our lives. There are many people who have a strong disliking of certain gaming brands, and will avoid playing games simply because of the console it was released on.

I'd like to hear from those of you who don't play many (or maybe any at all) Nintendo games, and the reasons? I understand that a thread like this could attract some undesired trolling, and that's not my goal, so let's be civil so the mods don't have to step in.

Thanks :)