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This is good news, this is a growing problem, especially among introverted kids and/or kids with neuropsychiatric disorders (high functioning autism most of all). Issues such as these are being drowned out in the sea of troubled kids who have much more palpable behavioral issues that result in outbursts and deviant episodes with threats, violence or self-harming tendencies. A significant amount of the kids I work with could easily be classified as having mild-to severe gaming addiction, but funds, understanding and realistic treatment platforms have been hard to come by as long as this wasn't a diagnosis in its own right. I intend to specialize in gaming addiction, partly due to it being a growing concern and partly due to a massive lack of competence and understanding on the subject.

It doesn't make matters any easier considering that the industry is actively pursuing gamers with risks of falling into addiction with their business models and overall design of games and gaming in modern times. This is fantastic news, and just because some parents will falsely assume that their child is suffering from this, doesn't mean it's silly or not worthwhile. This is a godsend for those of us who work with kids like this on a daily basis.