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Mar1217 said:
Can't wait to see parents misinterpreting their childs behavior when it comes to video game as a disorder just because their annoyed by seeing them enjoying a pass-time :P
If it were to my mother's judgement, my little bro would probably be diagnosed as such,lol.

In both my own and my mothers opinions, my little brother (at 10 years old) spends an unhealthily large amount of time gaming. Case in point - two minutes ago, he asked me if he could play a few matches of Fortnite on my PS4. I said no, but lo and behold, a minute later he has turned on my PS4 and started a match. Excessive gaming (both my own and my little brother's) has been the source of a tremendous amount of conflict in my family. The fact that a diagnosis can be misused is not a good argument against said diagnosis' existence.

If it weren't for us imposing restrictions on how much time he gets to spend gaming, he probably would barely do anything else, and I know for a fact that is basically the case for many of his friends that don't have as many restrictions on gaming.