John2290 said:
I thought if anywhere,it would have been banned in the UK. not the first place that would have come to mind. You can probably bet TlOu2 and definitely Cyberpunk will be banned there so. Why is it they are so reluctant to add to their economy. Smh. Surprised the Australian public is so fragile they must be protected from the influence of video games and media.

Australia is a very nice place to live, however we are baby sitted so heavily to keep the peace and aim for the highest safety. The people living here lets the government control everything, give them an inch and the government will take a mile. First we ban Guns to reduce shootings, now we went on to ban any device that can be used in self defence like Pepper spray and Knifes etc. You can get fined for having a Steering lock in your hands if you are standing outside your car. Video games is just another casualty that the unknowledgeable think it will help in reducing crimes. 

Yet some how the movie industry is rarely affected and some games like GTA are still available to purchase that actually relate to real crimes.