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I expected to see better numbers for DKC Tropical Freeze but it's not a bad start either. I also have to say that I have the suspicion that the numbers of DKC Tropical Freeze in America are undertracked. If Bayonetta 2 sold better in its first week in America than the Wii U version, the logical thing is that DKC Tropical Freeze did it too (according to VGChartz it sold worse in America in its first week compared to the Wii U version) being a much more popular game. Or maybe it was affected by its release relatively close to GOW. 

South Park Switch version a flop. Your fault, Ubisoft.

Skyrim continues to sell well even though it has not yet had a discount from Bethesda. They can not complain.

Last edited by alejollorente10 - on 18 June 2018

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