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wombat123 said:
zorg1000 said:

People are making it out to be worse than it really was, in terms of content it was about the same as last year except for an extra 20 minutes of Smash info which could have been saved for the Treehouse or a Smash specific Direct.

If they would have just done a 3-5 mimute trailer for Smash than it would have been pretty similar to last year.

Seriously.  The only new thing that really made people happy about last year's E3 was a Metroid Prime 4 logo that probably only existed because Nintendo was scared that Samus Returns would get the 'Federation Force' treatment because it wasn't on the Switch and wasn't Metroid Prime 4.  Other than that, the only really big new exclusives they showed off were Kirby Star Allies, Yoshi and Mario + Rabbids and I doubt many people were ultra excited about another 2D Kirby and Yoshi game since Planet Robobot and Woolly World came out recently. I'm not saying 2018 was spectacular, I'm just saying that some people romanticize 2017's E3 because of how great BotW was, a logo and a promise from a Pokemon Company executive.

The significance of what E3 2017 showed also holds weight I think. The Pokemon Switch announcement ment more than just the game itself, it put an end to all the questioning and doubts on whether the Switch was the 3DS successor. People probably count Samus Returns, which combined with the Prime 4 announcement showed that the series is not dead afterall. Still I gave the presentation a 7/10, good but not great, though I can definitely understand people who rate it higher. I might give whatever presentation confirms Animal Crossing isn't dead a 10/10 myself hehe.