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I personally like the Idea behind the Nintendo Directs, spreading infos about upcoming games on your system all over the year is a good concept especially for Nintendo and their smaller games. I also like that the E3 showcase is focusing on games releasing within a year.
The reasons I am disappointed from the E3 direct are:
a) the lineup for the second half of 2018 is just weak. My expectations weren't to high before the E3, I would have been satisfied if they'd showed me trailers for Pokemon let's go, Smash, FE and Yoshi, all releasing this year but instead both FE and Yoshi got delayed until 2019 and a new Mario Party for 2018, a gameseries I'm not too hyped for.
b) the pacing of this direct was way worse than in their last normal directs. They could have shown, the few things they had, a lot better. The first half was way to fast and then they spend way to much time on Smash.

Will I be looking forward to the next E3? Of course, even if this one was disappointing, Nintendo had good E3s in the past(14, 17) and they will have good E3 in the future.
Nintendo even has a lot of potential. You can do things with an prerecorded direct that aren't possible with a normal conference, just imagine the best parts of 2017(games) and 2014(presentation) merged into one direct.