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HintHRO said:
Nintendo still doesn't realize E3 is one of the biggest gaming events in the world and they are not taking advantage of it by showing games that appeal to multiple types of gamers that are otherwise very difficult to reach via social media or the internet. No Nintendo, not every gamer in the world likes Smash. Not even all Nintendo fans.

For a company that has attended E3 since it’s inception, I have a hard time taking your first sentence seriously. They have shown a multitude of games in every E3 they attended (outside of 2016 with BoTW being the sole game outside of Pokemon Sun and Moon). E3 was when they showed Mario 64 for the first time. Their 2010, 2014, and 2017 presentations have been well received with a decent amount of games shown. Unless you have a different criteria of “games that appeal to multiple types of gamers,” then I have nothing for you.

DélioPT said:
Nintendo seems to have a new angle for E3.
When Zelda Botw was all the rage a couple years ago, they thought they could focus on a major game for E3 and people would love it.
Zelda, Mario Odyssey and now Smash.

Thing is, people can "understand" that strategy when you don't have anything to show or you are new to the market, but the time comes where you need to show more.
People aren't going to be happy if they paid 300-350 for a few games… in 2017.

Also, Nintendo's strategy of scattering announcements throught the year is good when you have a lot to show. When you don't [have], that makes each announcement less impactful.

I guess it depends. I mean between the three directs we’ve have this year, there were a lot of games announced, even if you cut off Smash Bros.’s 25 minutes of fame and glory. As a Switch owner who can’t buy every game on the market, I can’t keep up with the games releasing on Switch.

Plus we’re accustomed to anticipating directs. So when Mr. Iwata passed away back in July 2015, we were anxious in waiting for any news from Nintendo when almost 6 months passed until their November Direct. So if Nintendo were to just combine all three of this year’s directs into one E3 presentation, we might not hear anything from them for months like most companies.