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0D0 said:
We should make a thread listing the games that took more time between announcement and release. It'd be fun.

Nioh, for example, was kind of announced in 2004. Came out in 2017. At least they kept their word.

Stacraft Ghost was announced in the early 00's, yet we never got it, but we did get something close to it 2 years ago with Nova Covert ops. Not exactly the same game as Ghosts, but it takes ideas from it. 


Just giving an example of something that existed years ago, but gave way to something similar. Just wanting to say that if someone was announced back then and changed drastically, that doesn't exactly make it the same IP in the current timeframe. 


This means that if Nioh was truly announced back in 04, it would have to be quite literally the same in design. If anything has changed since 04, then that means it is not exactly the same as what was announced years ago.