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I just don't get this narrative on Nintendo. In March they teased Smash. In May they teased "Let's Go". At E3, they did a deep dive on each. Both are coming out THIS YEAR! They also "available right now'd" the biggest game in the world.

Sony spotlighted 4 games. All look really good, but all of them but one were announced before Super Mario Odyssey was announced. In 2015, Sony "won" E3 with the following lineup:

-The Last Guardian (announced for PS3 six years earlier. Wouldn't release for another 18 months)
-Horizon Zero Dawn (great game, but wouldn't release for another 18 months)
-No Man's Sky (Enough said)
-Final Fantasy VII (may as well be vaporware as of 3 years later)
-Shenmue 3 (Kickstarter!!)

Is that really what people want?