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Jranation said:
I think it was the 6-9 month rule that needs to be removed. I think at e3 it is okay for them to show games that will come out in the next 2 -3 years. Give us a short trailer and people would be hyped. Even the logo/title

No thank you. Nintendo has changed the mid-2000s culture that involved announcing a new game years in advance and other companies are just now following suit. 


Their biggest problem this year was just a lack of announcements, even though we know they have more to announce. We got one new first-party announcement, three third-parties and two new indie titles. They could have at least given their upcoming 3DS titles some time but instead it seems like they’re going to wait to do another Direct again. It should come pretty soon since the last major 3DS release is slated for August 3rd.