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Having bought every Call of Duty game since 2, with exception to Ghosts, I have to say I'm disappointed that they're still using this outdated business model. The problem is that most games these days that are in the same arena as CoD have better or more accessible cost models. Another issue is one that's been occurring for years and that's the community split when new map packs drop. This has generally caused a drop in matchmaking quality each and every time, which for me discourages me buying the season pass to begin with. It seems Activision's "fix" for this point is the Black Ops Pass, but that doesn't defeat the point that they're using a dated model to begin with.

Activision needs to realize that if they want to extend the longevity of their cash cow, then they need to adapt their business model for the franchise to match their competitors. The best case scenario would be making additional maps free (which would solve the split community and add better value to the game) and using micro-transactions for cosmetic items for that extra money that they surely want.

Am I buying Black Ops 4? I would really like to, but I'm having trouble justifying the value they're giving me compared to what their competition is offering.

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