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MoHasanie said:
gergroy said:

Nope, they made a bid for it... so basically they are in a bidding war with Comcast.  I would much rather Disney end up with Fox than Comcast... so hopefully they come back with a stronger bid since Comcast’s current bid is about 10 billion more than Disney’s...

I love Disney, but Disney owning Fox is dangerous. As a netflix shareholder, Disney+Fox would have enough titles to be a real threat to netflix (if they created their own streaming platform). 

Disney has their won steaming platform launching next year. That's why they want Fox. Comic fans are focused on the Marvel aspect but that's just a small bonus. That said, Disney getting Fox is the lesser of two evils. People don't realize how large Comcast is. They are larger than Disney. It's bad enough that AT&T, Comcast, and other cable companies are going to put the screws to us soon thanks the lack of net neutrality.