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Since you mentioned god of war, I’m assuming you’re looking for something worthwhile that’s exclusive on Xbox.

Sadly, here’s not really anything that compares to god of war on Xbox. They do have halo, gears, sea of thieves, which looks pretty fun, and some older games like quantum break and sunset overdrive.

As for rpgs, it has final fantasy 15, but that’s on ps4. I’ll also mention dragon age inquisition from a few years ago, it’s not exclusive but I heard it was ok.

If you like arcade racing games at all, then Forza Horizon is a MUST.
It’s also getting a digital deluxe edition of nier automata with all dlc included.

Plus of course the X will make all your games look better regardless what you play. And there are some nice older 360 titles on BC.

Plus I prefer the One’s controller over PS4’s. And If you have a 4K tv and 4K blu rays, it’ll play them.

Currently you can get a 500gb Xbox one S for $199 this week. I say go for it.

Hope some of this helps your decision.