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Hiku said:
Cerebralbore101 said:

Not talking about my system here, but IMO consoles should be under warranty for at least 2 years, or a protection plan should be offered at a reasonable rate. But Sony no longer offers protection plans in NA. 

Well that's a lot more reasonable, and I agree. One year seems too short.

By the way when I read $99 I was thinking $9 and thought that's not a big deal. lol
Yeah, I'd rather buy a new PS4 than fix it for that price. Maybe try fixing it yourself with a youtube tutorial.

I forked over the money for their repair. Now let's see if I get my system back with the 1TB HDD that I put in it. Heck, let's see if they fix it at all. 

Edit: Also, having just looked up PS4 failure rates being at just under 1%, I'm a little more confident in their hardware.