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PAOerfulone said:
bigtakilla said:

Just not appreciative of the condescending thread (and I'm on the side that Smash will eventually reveal itself to be a new entry, though totally see why currently people don't).

Well, why didn’t you just say so?!? 

I apolgize if the messaging came across as condescending. I’m just continuously dumbfounding nded my everyone who says it’s a port even though Nintendo themselves have stated, multiple times, that it’s a new game in the series. Regardless, I already edited the OP.

Why is it you believe Nintendo to be gospel though? Even in the Bill Trinen interview he said things that are false n contradictory. Says the game is made from scratch, which is pretty clearly not the case. Later he admits to re-using assets n engines, but because they're tweaked n upgraded that makes them new, which it doesn't, it makes them remade. Then of course there's plenty of instances of Nintendo being misleading, namely Sakurai always saying the next Smash is the last. Surely you never believed that right?

Make no mistake, I'm not arguing whether it's a new game or not, my point is only that Nintendo's word isn't always accurate and should not automatically be accepted no matter what.