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Medisti said:
I think it'll top 14m because Brawl and Wii/3DS (when combined) neared that. Add the growing fanbase, the mega reaction to everyone returning, the Switch popularity, etc. I think it's going to be the biggest Smash game ever, in terms of both content and sales.

I think this will be key. When Smash Wii U came out, the Wii U was not a popular system by any means, even if it garnered a solid first party lineup. Some have debated that even if the marketing was lackluster, it still didn't change the fact that the Wii U was not a desirable system to have. The Switch is pretty much the opposite of the Wii U in terms of desirability. I don't think its out of the question that more people want a Switch by the time Smash Ultimate comes out than people wanted a Wii U by the time Smash Wii U came out.