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Lonely_Dolphin said:
15+ million for sure. Switch ltd will likely be around Wii's but it's userbase will be more interested in games like Smash.

PwerlvlAmy said:
I have a feeling it will under perform according to normal franchise standards. I absolutely have no valid reason to believe this,but after the E3 presentation,treehouse coverage, I'm not really feeling the big ''oomph'' I usually do after a reveal of a Smash entry. We'll see though.
Probably cause they just casually started talking about it instead of opening with an epic gameplay/cgi trailer, droned on about minor details, and the game be lacking newness, atleast that's it for me. I've never been this underhyped for a Smash game before, though I know it'll be uber good and fun still.

Yeah that direct was mind numbing with going over ever character's changes and differences. Definitely could've saved all that for one big separate video released after the direct or even during the treehouse. But I'm with you on feeling under hyped and underwhelmed by this entry so far. i'm just not feeling it, it looks fun, it's not gonna be a bad game,but im just not excited for it 

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