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John2290 said:
HoloDust said:
My theory is that they are on hiatus from Souls in order to figure out how to make open/semi-open freeroam DS that stays true to core mechanisms of previous games.

Hmm. Isn't Darksouls and bloodborne semi open world anyway...yeah. Hell the Dark souls is more open than some semi open like DA: Inquisition. A souls-borne open world would remove the metroid vania level design which is pretty much the core aspect of what makes souls games fun. can move around freely to a certain degree, usually after you unlock some door/raise some gate, but I was thinking more of game that has DNA of Souls when it comes to "levels" and open/semi-open world/exploration of typical open-world RPG.

This is my wishful thinking f course, since I believe From is more than capable of creating such game that would not compromise core of what Souls games are, yet expanding on formula.