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E3 show cased an excellent and nostalgic trailer of the next Halo game. Now, some gamers probably don't know what's so good about the trailer they showed at E3 because there was very little, if not any Gameplay footage. Its all In Engine graphics.

Lets get started,

1) Halo Infinite trailer showcased a New Halo engine Slip Space. A bit late to be building a new engine don't you think?

2) The art style is one of the biggest things Halo fans would have picked up on, its the Traditional Halo visuals on a colourful world.

3) They also showed the Retro look of Master Chief's Helmet and armour, something that has dramatically changed when 343i took over.

4) The Original Halo 3 music (One Final Effort) played at the end of the Trailer when we saw the Chiefs Helmet.

5) When the camera viewed up into the sky, we saw the Halo Ring, last Halo game to be played on a Halo Ring was in Halo 3.. 4 Halo games ago.

6) 343i announced awhile ago about bringing back Local co-op.

7) 343i also announced that the game will be Played solely as the Master Chief.

8) In the shot down Pelican, the Screen reads Date 5/27/2560, that's 1 and a half years after the events of Halo 5.

9) In Halo Wars 2 they showed The Flood and Bruts returned, so basing Halo Infinite after Halo 5 could mean they might make an appearance.

10) The ancient writing on the Walls at the start of the trailer reads Enermy Within, could that be a Flood reference on the new Halo Ring Zeta?

11) No Release date.. so not a 2019 game? Could this be a next gen Launch game similar to Combat Evolve for original Xbox?

Now if we put this all together, It seems Halo Infinite might be the Halo Reboot that was rumoured but instead of being a full Reboot, it will still most likely be Halo 6 but with the Reboot being with the visuals and gameplay.. is Xbox giving Halo the Zelda BOTW treatment and making it a launch title for next gen systems while probably keeping it cross play between the XB2 and X1X? The game seems too early in development to release in 2019 and rumours have it that the next Xbox is due in 2020, a similar year that many speculate Halo Infinite will release as well.

Halo Infinite E3 2018 Trailer and Halo 3 One Final Effort Theme below,


It's quite amazing how a franchise that many assumed was dead or dying, and can gain so much attention and hype by just showing a Helmet of a character. 

What are your thoughts on the next Halo game?

Last edited by Azzanation - on 14 June 2018