This thread will track Nintendo's first-party releases across 2017 to 2019, primarily on Switch, but will include information on 3DS games, as well as mobile games developed by EPD or other subsidiaries. 'First-party' in this context is going to mean games developed, licensed or funded by Nintendo - not games that are just published by Nintendo, i.e. Octopath Traveler is Nintendo-published, but it doesn't tell us anything about how Nintendo are allocating development resources and it doesn't use a Nintendo IP. That's one purpose of this thread - to see which studios have released or are making games, or which have no known projects underway.

This post will include Nintendo's internal studios - Entertainment, Planning and Development (EPD), studios owned by Nintendo (subsidiaries), and studios that have specific deals with Nintendo and are usually Nintendo-only (affiliated). The next post will contain third-party studios working on Nintendo-licensed or published games, i.e. Ubisoft Milan & Paris, Mario + Rabbids, as well as studios who've worked on remasters for Nintendo and might do again in the next 18 months or so (Tantalus, Monster Games). Studios who work on mobile games or network services might also be added to the second post.

Games without an official reveal or announcement will not be listed (e.g. no rumoured Star Fox, no unofficially confirmed Pikmin 4).

Games listed are for Switch unless otherwise stated.
Co-dev = co-developed or development co-operation
m. = mobile game
(3DS) = 3DS game (duh)
* = port/enhanced port
(e.) = eShop only
(title) = development confirmed, no release date
[title] = rumoured/leaked by reputable/multiple sources


Developer 2017 2018 2019

Fire Emblem Heroes (co-dev, m.)
Zelda: Breath of the Wild
1-2 Switch
Mario Kart 8 DX*
Miitopia (3DS)
Splatoon 2
Metroid: Samus Returns (co-dev, 3DS)
Super Mario Odyssey
Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp (co-dev, m.)

Labo Variety Pack
Labo Giant Robot Pack
Labo Vehicle Pack
Sushi Striker (co-dev)
Captain Toad*
Dragalia Lost (co-dev, m.)
Mario Kart Tour (m.)
Dr Mario World (co-dev, m.)
Animal Crossing
New Super Mario Bros U DX*
Super Mario Maker 2
The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening
[Pikmin 3*]
1-UP Studio Super Mario Odyssey (co-developed)    
Monolith Soft

Zelda: Breath of the Wild (co-dev)
Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 DLC  
Nd Cube

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp (co-dev, m.)
Mario Party: Top 100 (3DS)

Super Mario Party  
Retro Studios   Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze*  (Metroid Prime 4)
[Star Fox Grand Prix]
Alpha Dream M&L: Superstar Saga* (3DS)   M&L: Bowser's Inside Story* (3DS)
Creatures Inc      Pokemon (co-dev)
Camelot SP Mario Sports Superstars (3DS) Mario Tennis: Aces  
Game Freak Pokemon US/UM (3DS) Pokemon Quest (m.)
Pokemon Let's Go! 
Pokemon RPG
Genius Sonority       
Good-Feel Poochy & Yoshi's World (3DS)   Yoshi's Crafted World
Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn* (3DS)
Grezzo Ever Oasis (3DS) Luigi's Mansion* (3DS)  
HAL Laboratory Bye-bye Box Boy! (3DS)
Team Kirby Clash Deluxe (3DS)
Kirby's Blowout Blast (3DS)
Kirby Battle Royale (3DS)
Kirby Star Allies  BoxBoy and BoxGirl (e.)
Headstrong Games      
indieszero   Sushi Striker (co-dev)  
Intelligent Systems Fire Emblem: Heroes (co-dev, m.)
Fire Emblem Echoes:
Shadows of Valentia (3DS)
Fire Emblem Warriors (co-dev)
WarioWare Gold (3DS) Fire Emblem: Three Houses
Next Level Games     Luigi's Mansion 3 (?) 
Vanpool Dillon's Dead Heat Breakers (3DS)
Sora Ltd                       Super Smash Bros Ultimate (co-dev) Smash Ultimate Fighter Pack 

EDIT: Updated 14/9/2018

Added Animal Crossing and New Super Mario Bros U DX, assuming both are EPD titles.
Added 'Town', from Game Freak.
Added Luigi's Mansion 3, currently assuming this is from Next Level Games but it could be EPD.

EDIT: Updated 2/10/2018

Added Dragalia Lost, mobile title co-developed by EPD.
Confirmed NdCube as developer of Super Mario Party.

EDIT: Updated 14/2/2019
1) Added The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, Super Mario Maker 2 and Dr Mario World to EPD
2) Added Astral Chain to Platinum Games
3) Added BoxBoy and BoxGirl to HAL Laboratory

New studio:
1) Added NHN Entertainment (co-developing Dr Mario World)
Removed Bandai Namco Studios Singapore from the list of studios
In-development titles not confirmed for or not coming this year are in brackets i.e. (Bayonetta 3)
Rumoured titles are in square brackets i.e. [Star Fox Grand Prix], [Pikmin 3]

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