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Fortnite first hit other consoles back in July, for instance, while Bethesda’s Wolfenstein II originally came out last October but won’t be on the Switch until later this month. However, while these kinds of delays have been common during the early stages of the Switch’s lifespan, Nintendo believes that this will change very soon as the platform matures.

“We’re talking today about a platform that is 16 months old,” Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aimé tells The Verge at E3. “The development cycle today is multiple years. So I would argue that beginning at the end of this year, or next year, that gap will have closed. Because key developers have had the development systems, they’ll have been working to create content for our platform from the beginning. That’s what is going to close that time gap".


– A lot more up Nintendo’s sleeves, more to show over the weeks and months ahead
– The pacing of news and launches will drive business forward


Reset the clock meme. :D