MasterThief said:


I don't see how having a non-first person game in VR makes it better tho. its the same thing as a tv at that point. just more resources goes into making it work 

I thought so too before I actually tried such games in VR. Turns out something like Moss is completely different in VR. Why? I can't describe it to you. It just feels way different, way better, way more natural, even though you're playing with a controller. Might have something to do with a lower input lag? Hell if I know. On top of that there is also a way way more immersive feeling, even if it's not first person. 

Anyway, just try it for yourself. It's the only way to know what VR is all about. As for all that other stuff, I really don't know what your problem is. There is very little content coming for VR, especially when it comes to AAA games. Most stuff is from Indies. You're not losing any games because of VR development and games like Job Simulator would have never happened without VR, because there simply is no point for such a game without VR. 

I personally love PSVR and my PS4 Pro has become a pure VR machine. I don't play flat games on that device anymore. I'm not even interested in them anymore. I got my switch for some flat gaming in the bed or on the go or something. But when I'm on my PS4 it's VR or bust. Everything is better in VR, trust me. 

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