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Cerebralbore101 said:

Just trying to be honest. First time wasn't their fault. But a console simply shouldn't break in under three years. That is silly. Maybe I'm one of the unlucky few. Maybe most PS4's keep working well into their teens like the PS2 did. But having this experience makes me want to not even bother with a PS5. 

If you put any console with a fan at the back of it in an area with no venting then it'll break.


The console will break if you do this, so that is why Bandorr is saying it sounds like you do not understand the difference between a manufacturing fault and doing something like putting the system into water, one of those is never the fault of the manufacturer unless the product is a pair of speedos

His question about controllers....

Does it connect to other DS4's? Have you tried borrowing a friends and connecting that, would the price of a new DS4 not be cheaper than sending it back if it's just your controller that is broken and not the system.



Regarding not wanting to buy a PS5 because your mate broke your PS4 for you.... Have no idea what to say to that. If someone drove your car into a wall would it put you off that brand of vehicle?

I get what you are saying here. Yes, absolutely the first time it broke was my roommate's fault. I don't fault Sony for that at all. 

Yeah, I tried connecting it to my new DS4 from my PS4 Pro. It didn't work. I re-initialized the system. That didn't work either. I rebuilt the database via safe mode. All these things were suggestions from the Playstation support team. But nothing worked. They walked me through every single part of trying to solve the issue. 

I get your point about driving it into a wall. For all I know, the overheating issue caused by my roommate, could have somehow effected this new issue. I shouldn't be crapping all over Sony, when none of it might even be their fault.

So maybe I should just pony up the cash and sell it like I planned once it is fixed? How much does an OG model PS4 with 1TB go for used these days? 

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