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VGPolyglot said:
Nautilus said:

I cant speak for others, but the reason i stay here and participate in this forum is:

1)The numbers.Accurate or not, me likes it.

2)But most of all, the discussion.It dosent matter(that much) if the site dosent get game changing updates every year.As long as it functions, and as long as there are awesome users who i can discuss things with, I am more than satisfied.After all, thats the main function of a forum:The excitment of sharing the ideas and discussion with like minded people.people that share your hobby.

This is not meant as a critique, and Im sorry if it sounds a bit harsh, but if you come to a forum because you want new tools, to see it have a new logo every year, or to make friendships with 90% of the users and have that friendship last until the end of times, then you came to the wrong place.

A leads to B, though. If the site continues to get changes and updates, it will drive people to come here and as a result there will be better discussion. Yes, I also came to the realization that most people here are not really looking for close friendships, that has been a very painful and hurtful process for me.

Well, i agree with you.If you care for something, life usually rewards you for this.What i said was something out of my perspective and honestly, its also probably true for 70% of the users here.I mean, if they havent left already when the site was barely working a few years ago, its not like they will leave now when its much better XD

And just a side note about friendships and stuff: One thing most people usually forgets but friendship, much like a romantic relationship, is also a relationship.It requires maintanence.You need to create a bond with someone to actually become friends.And in order to do that, you have to have "special" moments with them.Going out to see movies, to grab a bite, having akward moments during a point in the relationships(either be at work or school where you have met).In another words, you have to have strong memories that you share with him/her in order to form a true bond, a true friendship.And VGP, thats simply extremely hard to do through the internet, where the best thing you could do with someone is play a game where each one is in one side of the world.Its not like people dont like you or me or the next user, its simply that there are not enough means to actually form a friendship.

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