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Hey guys! So, here in Canada we had pre-order deals where you could get a pretty substantial amount off if you pre-odered certain games!! Mainly on Walmart, Amazon and Best Buy. So I went a bit crazy, but the good news is that you don't have to pay until the games ship and you can cancel at any time. So, this is what I ended up ordering:


  1. Soulcalibur VI: Deluxe Edition (PS4) - $40 off
  2. Soulcalibur VI: Deluxe Edition (XB1) - $40 off
  3. NHL 19 (PS4) - $30 off
  4. Shadow of the Tomb Raider (PS4) - $30 off
  5. Sonic Mania Plus (PS4) - $8 off
  6. Spider-Man (PS4) - $30 off
  7. Death Stranding (PS4) - $20 off
  8. Final Fantasy VII Remake (PS4) - $15 off
  9. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (NS) - $20 off
  10. Metroid Prime 4 (NS) - $20 off
  11. One other game that I will not mention
Unfortunately some games did not seem to have the discount, there were some that I had hoped would be but oh well, I think that was good in any case!


Last edited by VGPolyglot - on 13 June 2018