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PAOerfulone said:
LipeJJ said:
I'm going with 18m too. No way it will sell much less than Zelda Breath of the Wild.

Wouldn't be surprised if Nintendo says it shipped 10m in December alone.

This could actually be possible. Super Mario Odyssey did 9.07 million between from its release to December 31st.
Granted, Odyssey had an extra month to work with and ~1 million short, but I remember Odyssey wasn't didn't even crack the Amazon Rankings until after the September Direct where we get shirtless Mario :P. Smash has been hanging around those rankings ever since the first teaser back at the March Direct and it shot right to #1 after E3. If this holds true for other retailers and other regions. Good Lord, December is going to be massive.

Yeah factor in that by the end of June NS will likely be around the GC mark as sales go so come December the userbase will be more than enough to snap up those numbers and this will be a few weeks afters the phase 1 of Pokemon as well, Smash and Switch will be the go to Christmas presents as well for a tonne of people.