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CrazyGamer2017 said:
irstupid said:

Congrats, you are the only person in the world that thinks Sony is not the guilty party in all of this.

I suppose you also believe Sony when they say they don't like Crossplatform, because they need to protect the kids from the evil people on other systems.

Here are the facts:

Fortnite is crossplay between PS4, PC and Mobilie.

Fortnite is Crossplay between Xbox, PC, Switch and Mobile.

You can log into your epic account on the Xbox, PC, Switch, Mobile and get all your items, progress, ect with no problem. If you have ever logged into your Epic account on a PS$, you can no longer ever use that account on a Xbox or Switch.

Xbox, Switch and PC can all crosssplay with Minecraft and Rocket League. PS4 is PC only.


If you somehow can read all of that and believe that somehow it's Nintendo or Xbox's fault, then...

Nope but I'm probably the only person in this thread that thinks before throwing wild accusations.

If you could step back for a moment and try to be a bit more neutral you'd realize I never said Sony is not guilty here. I CLEARLY said ALL 3 brands must be guilty BECAUSE SONY cannot block something on Switch, ONLY Nintendo can block something on Switch. If you don't understand this very obvious fact then yeah, nothing I can do.

If anything Sony is at least not hypocrite in this issue, they are against cross-platform and they said it, Microsoft and Nintendo on the other hand are claiming that they are in favor of gamers and they would do nothing to block cross-platform play, yet on THEIR machine THEY block an account that was made on Playstation. WHY? If Sony asks them to block something that does NOT belong to Sony, they could very well say: Sorry Sony but on our system everything works, if you don't like it then block the game on YOUR platform but don't tell us what to do on OURS.... But that's not what we see here.

So to summarize, Sony is guilty of not wanting cross-platform or allowing it on Sony's machines. But whatever does not work on OTHER machines it's primarily those machine's fault and problem.

I don't have a problem with people blaming this cross-platform thing on Sony but saying that Sony blocks a game that they don't own on a Switch or Xbox machine is ludicrous.

It’s since been revealed that Sony is causing the speedbump — an Epic Games rep confirmed to TechCrunch that Switch cross-play is supported with Xbox, PC, Mac, and mobile. But if you’ve tied your Epic Games account to a PSN name, then your play won’t be supported on the Switch.

Not to mention as this was all blowing up, Xbox tweeted out "Wanna play Fortnite" rubbing salt in the wound. If Microsoft was blocking as you said, why would they tweet out something? They obviously are taking a jab at Sony.