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Mandalore76 said:
CrazyGamer2017 said:

That seems to be an issue with Fortnite itself. I don't see how Sony could stop anyone from logging on Switch on a game that belongs to a third party. At best it's Nintendo that should be blamed for not letting people on THEIR platform log on a game for whatever reason.

But I don't even think that's the case, it must be a purely Fortnite issue because I assume the account you can't log on is a fortnite account and not a Sony nor Nintendo account.

Always interesting (and good for a laugh) to see the mental gymnastics people come up with to try and blame Nintendo for someone else's policies.

Yeah just as I'm amused to see how you guys get blocked by (in this case) the Switch and somehow accuse Sony of mysteriously having magic powers that allow Sony to block something on Switch. Must be like those conspiracy theories where people see the illuminati rule the world or whatever, amusing in the end