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Announcement trailer


E3 13 minute gameplay demo.


Brief write up from a resetera mod: 

Okay, conference is over so I will write some now. Firstly, I feel people will get a better idea on the game as it's playable at E3, so we'll probably be getting some gameplay/impressions soon. Strangely, this trailer is not the thing I saw, which confuses me since it looks worse than what I had seen.

I also knew that the core team of the game finished development this month actually. There's still people working on it mostly for polish, but it's mostly done.... Buuuuuuuuuuut I think I was misinformed a bit. I have a solid guess on something here

Anyways, as I've said over time, it's OTS angles primarily, they completely redid the RE Engine's lighting and shadow system, this is a horror game that has classic RE features. I also know the game has an option for fixed camera angles, but they didn't include it in the trailer. ORIGINALLY, when REmake 2 first started development they actually just recreated RE2, original fixed cameras and all, and just recreated location. They ultimately went for an OTS style, but kept Fixed Cameras and First-Person in the coding. However, they knew many fans had been waiting a long time for Fixed Angles, so they continued work on the Fixed Angles they started, they needed more polish last I heard, but the game had time for polish. I DID NOT hear they continued the First-Person Mode, which I think you see in the trailer (it's hard to say since frankly, the trailer has so little gameplay), but it looks like they might've.

I expected more of a gameplay trailer, but I assume they might've delayed it more than I heard for more polish and maybe features, to be seen. There will be gameplay coming as it is playable this E3 though.

So, a few things I can talk about which I've been waiting for this to be revealed to do so. Firstly, OTS IS THE PRIMARY CAMERA, but this is a horror game. In fact, I think they decided to make this reveal less a 'hype' trailer, and more to show it's a horror game. It may even very well end up being the scariest RE game, they're doing some interesting things mechanically and stylistically. They redid the lighting engine since RE7's lighting was flat, and they wanted 'darkness' for RE2, one of the driving forces for RE2 was the theme of 'darkness', which Capcom has always sorta' associated with RE2. It's a game at its heart about tragedy and characters having to overcome a city gone to hell, and from that angle you can see they definitely tried to show the horror aspect in this trailer. I think they tried not to show much gameplay in the reveal since people might think it was an action game if they saw guns, but want to establish early this is a horror game.

The thing I've heard a LOT is this game is a reimagining in many ways. RE2 is there, but this game is MUCH longer than RE2 originally was. There's a Leon and Claire campaign, and last I heard (but this may have changed) they got rid of the A/B scenario, but then they've delayed it a bit so who knows?

What I've heard is that this Remake is around 80% new stuff, 20% old stuff (as opposed to REmake's 70% new stuff, 30% old stuff). A lot of locations have been reimagined. They didn't show off much of the city actually, but the city was completely reinvented at one point in the game, they had the opening hour of the game almost done but then scrapped it and redid it again to improve it. Several RE2 monsters weren't shown, but the game does have enemies like the dogs, giant spiders, you briefly saw a Licker, but all the RE2 enemies are in the game. There's some new enemies as well, but I think they want to hold off showing them off. Ada is playable in the game, but they didn't show her here.

Last edited by UltimateGamer1982 - on 13 June 2018