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After Star Fox was announced as a guest character for this game, I took a better look at all the footage we got from the game.And yeah, while we will obviously get a much better idea of what the game will be like in the next few days, if you take away the toys part, Starlink overall idea could have made for an excellent Star Fox game.I mean, look at the space fights, then you have the movements from the ships, which would innovate the gameplay idea of Starfox by not making it be solely a on rails game(you can hover around and "dodge" enemy attacks).And the game seems to be going for a strong narrative.


If Nintendo wishes to do so in the future and take the concept idea of Starlink and apply to Starfox, we could be seeing a rebirth of the IP.I mean, Retro might be doing that already, but Im seeing this as if that wasnt true.So what do you guys think?


Edit: Footage of some of the gameplay from Starlink

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