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Very interesting development. To be honest, I think this is in preparation for game pass (which I think will become very important eventually - subscriptions that give you acces to loads of content has been the development in every other entertainment industry and it will happen to games as well). The more content you make yourself, the less you have to pay to other parties to get additional content. It's the same reason Netflix and Prime Video spend billions of dollars each year on original programming - they are trying to become less dependent on external content creators (and they are succeeding at it too). I expect Sony will eventually launch a similar service as well.

Basically, I expect we'll see consolidation of studios in the coming years. More purchases and merges.

EDIT: BTW, who is this "Micorosoft" you are talking about? New key player in the industry?

Last edited by Teeqoz - on 10 June 2018