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Ka-pi96 said:
Chazore said:

Yes they are, but it isn't exactly them making it out of themw anting to. It's MS's IP and one of Sega's studios has been contracted to make it happen.


It also sadly happens to be the same studio that made the Moba RTS sequel to Dawn of War II =/.

Didn't the Moba RTS sequel to Dawn of War 2 flop pretty bad though? So chances are they want be copying that for AoE4.

It did, and it actually put those devs off (because they don't like learning a hard and well deserved lesson) wanting to make more RTS titles. While still working under Sega, they still have a job to do.

Well they have to stay faithful to the previous AoE titles, or risk yet another Dawn of War III. If they manage to fuck it up, then we'll be looking at yet another AAA RTS that gets screwed over.