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EA's conferences feel like reruns. It's the same boring show every time with too much talk about this year's "revolutionary" sports games. They often have the potential and the content to make an interesting show, but never manage to nail it. EA is highly investor-driven and investors just don't get it.

Soon EA has had the Star Wars license for 6 years and all we've gotten are 2 flawed and very similar Battlefront games.
I hope to see something interesting.

Bioware: Knights of the Old Republic (wishful thinking)
Criterion: Podracer / Tie Fighter / Rogue Squadron (wishful thinking)
EA Vancouver: Jedi Knight / new SW IP (we know they're working on Visceral's Star Wars game)
Respawn: Jedi Knight / new SW IP (we know they're working on a third person Star Wars game)
Petroglyph: Empire at War (wishful thinking)

Last edited by Replicant - on 09 June 2018