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Ljink96 said:
KLXVER said:
Their prices so far on Switch has been insane. 60 bucks for years old ports. 50 bucks for games like 1 2 Switch and that IOS looking sushi game. 70 bucks for Labo. Combine that with their refusal to discount them and its just terrible. Soon we have to pay to play them online as well. Their greed is in high gear this gen.

Yes, it sucks to pay 60 bucks for Donkey Kong, and 1-2 Switch, and Labo...but people are still buying them! That's literally the only reason they don't drop in price. Blame I'd be blaming the users for actually buying the games at those price points. Nintendo has just in general never received that memo from the audience. I think if those games were selling like crap, the manufacturers would have to drop the price but since they're selling at 60 bucks, it's like why cut the price.

People say, vote with your wallet...and they are, they're buying it, lol

Usually, when a game does not sell well, the message interpreted by publishers is that people are not interested in the game, not that the game is very expensive. For my DKC TF and Bayonetta (1 + 2) are games that are worth 60 dollars for their quality, but man, these are ports of Wii U, take them out to 40 dollars. And more a game like Bayonetta 2 that does not have the popularity of Donkey Kong.

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