alejollorente10 said:

Yes and that's the problem. The good sales of their exclusives has led them to believe the lie of "we do not need to lower the price of our games" and does not let them see a broader view of things: Lowering the price of their games would not only boost their sales but also the sales of the consoles. Your games are incredible, make them more accessible so that it reaches more people. 

i completely agree, but at the same time i don’t think nintendo is learning a lesson. they’ve had this practice for decades and currently their games are selling better than they have for a long while despite no change in their game prices.


i think as gamers it’d be in our best interest for the games to be cheaper, but it seems to me that nintendo would rather sell their games for full price to fewer people than at a discount to more people. i guess they believe it’s better for them that way.


don’t get me wrong, i don’t agree with them. i’m just trying to understand why they do what they have to admit that selling 10 million copies of mario at $60 is more impressive than selling half of those copies at $40 or less. and yes, maybe they could sell more copie if they did use a lower price point, but their pricing practice doesn’t necessarily seem to be hurting them much.