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Bristow9091 said:
Yeah that's always been a Nintendo thing, they hardly, if ever, drop the prices of their games, although I guess it's also up to retailers too... I'll admit it's stopped be buying more than a few games in the past because I've thought "I'll wait until it drops, not in a rush to play it", but then a year or so later I take a look and it's STILL full price... then all of a sudden my interest dwindles, in some cases it goes away completely. Although Nintendo aren't the only publisher guilty of this, although I'd definitely say the most notable, for me at least anyway.

This is exactly what i do now with Nintendo. The last nintendo system i bought was Wii. Since then i just borrow a friends Wii U or Switch to play Zelda and some others and never touch the system again. There are day 1 games and then there are games you buy when the price goes down. Zelda is day one while many of the others are not. I would buy more if they went down in price over time but sadly that is not Nintendo's approach.