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I apologize in advance if this has been discussed before but I am "relatively new" here, so it is difficult to know. I also apologize for my English, I am using the translator. And first of all, make it clear that I'm a fan of Nintendo but not stupid. 

I still do not understand Nintendo and its prices. I'm going to put it this way to illustrate the situation: Horizon zero dawn and Zelda BOTW were released the same day, a year later, Horizon has an edition that includes the DLC in 40 dollars and Zelda no, if you want to have the complete game, this still costs 80 dollars. At this point Zelda BOTW should have a GOTY Edition of 40 dollars that includes the season pass.

Someone can say: "The sales of Zelda BOTW (I put Zelda as an example but I'm talking in general about any Nintendo exclusive) are still at an incredible pace" and that person could be right, but this is not only about sales of the game (a cheaper game would even sell at a better rate) but to encourage sales of the consoles. Cheaper games encourage console sales. I usually talk to a lot of people about video games and they always tell me the same thing "Nintendo games are incredible but very expensive" and the comparison with PS4 always jumps, because PS4 exclusives usually lose their price in a very short time. Arms should be in 30 dollars, Splatoon 2 in 35 or 40, Mario Kart 35 or 40, Bayonetta 2 in 40 (actually 40 should have been its launch price but well, that's another story). If this were so, I'm very sure that would encourage console sales because the first thing you would think "Nintendo games are incredible and cheap, it is definitely worth buying a console." Nintendo has to remove that "exclusivity" label and open up as something more accessible.

What do you think?

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