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Kerotan said:
Azzanation said:

I think its pretty evident that Minecraft racks in a good amount of money, its not just the video games but the franchise itself with merchandise etc. No i dont have concrete evidence, i am basically just saying a lump sum of money placed infront of human eyes can be tempting. Valve makes money and Gabe earns his money but i can say Gabe does not take home 100% of the earnings through Steam. He will have expenses.

$5b is $5b. I dont reckon he will sell but humans arent perfect either. Thats is a good retirement fund.

Why would he sell to Microsoft though? Surely Amazon, Google, Apple or even someone like Tencent would be more likely. And I don't know about you guys but I could see it being bought for a hell of a lot more. More like 30BN. It generated 4.4BN in revenue last year and it's growing still. Why would they sell for so little?


Say it makes 1.5BN profit a year. It would only take a company about 3 years to make back their money if they bought it. Not to mention if they actually developed new games like half life 3 profits could be much higher. So yeah if a company like Microsoft, Apple, Amazon or a Google want to buy such a profitable gaming business they are going to have to pay a hell of a lot more then 5BN. We're talking 30-50BN imo. 

Random_Matt said:
Gabe has already publicly on more than one occasion said he will never sell to MS.

All the more reason why Amazon, Google, Disney, Apple or Tencent among others would be more likely then Microsoft. Hell even Sony. 

Well for Starters as much as everyone doesnt like it, Windows and Steam is the PC gamers combo when it comes to PC gaming. Apple and MS can both afford Steam however Steams compatibility on Apple OS isnt the best and that will most likely hurt PC gamers as a whole as it will force majority of PC gamers to cross to Apple PCs which will probably benefit MS more since there main competitor gaming store is now pushed to Apple which will lead to the Live store becoming a more attractive option for PC gamers on Windows.

As for $5b price tag, Steam would be worth a hell of alot more however since its one of Windows strongest Apps, MS would be interested in investing big money on.

Also Gabe doesnt want to sell to MS.. yet, but like i mentioned before, a huge lump sum of money is hard to say no to, its a buisness not a playground, friends or not money talks.

Also Steam is massive however the digital world is growing by the day, Steam will be competiting with more options which can start devaluing Steam. More choices would mean Steam has to stay ontop of there A game and remember Gabe isnt a young man.. at some point that huge lump sum of money will start becoming tempting.