TallSilhouette said:
MasterThief said:

the problem is handbuilding things like motion capture and the textures graphics etc

the software side development isn't the problem

Right, and things like machine learning, photogrammetry, and automation can potentially help reduce the man hours associated with animation, graphics, AI, etc (I'm well aware that we'll still need humans and some of this stuff may be further off).

we're looking at short term future not 50+ years from now. 


and machine learning is a PR word. take it from someone with a computer science degree.  there is no such thing as "machine learning" per say. its just a complex code that does a very specific thing. computer does not learn anything or do anything its not told to be done. can be thrown in the same pile as A.I. A.I is not intelligent. its just mimicry of a very specific thing that humans do. it does not do anything on its own and neither is it intelligent. 


if I make a robot that for example sits on a chair by itself it looks smart but its not. it just does what I told it to.