well. games take longer and longer to make. and for the PS5. I don't expect games to make the development jump last gen did. but honestly any sort of increase at this point warrants more studios for a first party hardware company


I think SONY should either get one big studio or to medium sized ones . I think they wanted to make more games this gen even if they had a lot so far (compared to competition) but they simply had no time to work on them.  more and more third party publishers don't like to make exclusive deals because games are expensive and its worth it to publish it on all platforms. and its coming down to those 1p studios to do the job.


I think Sony should definitely be looking to expand WWS. there is rumor of a new studio in san diego. but am pretty sure thats just expanding the San Diego studio even more so its just a team and thats obviously a plus. tho thats not enough


1-2 more studios to allow them to work on the IPs that SP,GG and other 1P studios move on from. and the other dormant IPs would be a great move for next gen.


Unlike last gen I don't think Sony had any commercial failures coming out of 2nd party studios or 1st party. obviously thats because third party publishers for the most part do not make niche or SP games anymore its the yearly releases that have an established fanbases and nothing to fill the many niches in between.

aiming to get 3 AA-AAA exclusives per year or even 4. should be their goal IMO from 2018 onwards.  we are already getting 3 big exclusives this year. and likely 3+ next year.

Especially considering Sony is done with rushing titles like they did in the past. they take their sweet ass time to make 1p games which is great. but they need more studios to not just fill the gaps but be the major provider of SP games on the console with at least 3 recognizable titles a year. 

I don't think they should acquire insomniac or Kojima studio. they have strong relation with either of them so there is no point. they should just acquire either talented developers or small developers then expand upon them. 


In terms of game making studios. Sony has

ND-SPP-Bend-GG-Japan-MM-Poly-SanDiego-SSM. thats huge but. they still need more. none of these studios are gigantic. I believe SSM or GG are the biggest with around 270 employees which is slightly bigger than a medium sized one (Yes I didn't mention Pixelopus or Sony London but these all combined don't make a single A game they  are very small)

strategically adding a studio or two work on and assist 2nd parties in making exclusives would go a long way. just the IPs that they can't touch because they got their hands full is a big potential. 

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