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Darwinianevolution said:
Ganoncrotch said:

If you have no issues doing the soldering work to remove and replace the battery in a GB cart then you should equally have no issues with getting a version of a digital download game to work on a platform 10 years after it has come out, considering that board modification of a GB breaks the EULA with it, the same can be said about modifying a console to play "backups" of games anyway.

As for the resi evil 7 thing... if you pay for a 6 month lease to play it... after 6 months you have nothing if you want to play it, that is the nature of a 6 month/180 day lease to play the game, it works the same if you buy insurance for your car for 6 months, in 12 months time you will have nothing because that is how time and leases work, the idea is you buy it, then play it during the purchased time.

just incase the obviously bad analogy of insurance annoys since it's not gaming related

wow subscriptions

psn + subs

XBL gold

You aren't meant to buy those things if you aren't going to use them for 10 years, you buy them, and use them, as a consumable.

Those kinds of rental, Netflix-like services are very clear on what they do. Pay a fee and get access to many games, you stop paying and they are gone. That's the deal and, investment-wise, is acceptable for many people. With Capcom doing that for a single game, it makes the deal unassailable: you own nothing, and yet you play only one game. And even then, I have the option of buying whatever game I could get for free in those online services, whereas with Capcom's offering, it's the only choice.

It's 20e for 6 months access, netflix would be over 60e for the same period, buying the game on the ps4 and keeping it for 6 months then trading it would likely cost you more.

It is a single game, if people want it there is an option if they don't they can skip it, but this is the effectively cheapest way to play resi 7 outside of PC piracy.

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