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d21lewis said:
DonFerrari said:

You are right on your premises, still that isn't put in the article, he just doesn't even know about sales when you see what he wrote. Much less about sales trend and historic.

I also like one quote that I just can't find that is from 2009 or so "Even if we stopped selling X360, PS3 wouldn't reach us".

Looks like both companies have said things they probably regret! Lol!


Weird, though. Like you said the Xbox 360 lead was never that big. It just took long time for Sony to overcome it.

Yes, I'm certain that even if I haven't found much problem on the "get a second job" because that was totally distorted, Sony would prefer to phrase it different or even launch different. No matter how bad X1 sells compared to PS4, it didn't become such a liability as PS3 at the time.

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