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d21lewis said:
CartBlanche said:

Buying remastered games on updated hardware really doesn't qualify as backwards compatibility as the game as been remade for the newer hardware. BC, by definition, is using current hardware to run software that was made for previous/old hardware and not using an emulator.

That's my point. If they were BC, I wouldn't have purchased them a second time. I'd just play the original one....maybe. I like last gen games. On my Xbox One, I probably have 350 games installed on the HDD and about 150 of them are Xbox 360 games that I bought maybe a decade ago (give or take). I'd say I spend at least 30% of my gaming time on games that are from the 7th gen and earlier. But that's just me.

And yeah, I did hang on to my last gen consoles but there's just something about playing them on the newer hardware. Maybe it's not technically backwards compatibility but whatever you call it, my old software has found new life.

I have bought the same games as you (remasters or the like), and I can say I wouldn't have played them on BC because I still have the games and PS3 but doesn't turn it on to play. The remaster is a reason for me to replay and see the improvements, the original I have already played a lot.

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