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MasterThief said:

Horizon is arcade. Nothing sim in it.

OP There are tons of arcade racers on the system. NFS: Rivals, NFS, NFS: Payback, Driveclub, Ride, Ride 2, The Crew, Flatout 4, MXGP, Nascar. You only have to look at it.

and none of them are great games.  half of these are semi-simulators 

They are not semi suims just because the cars have some weight to them. They are so far removed from reality its wrong to call them semi simulators. F1 games from Codemasters and the Grid games would be semi sims. Not these games.

You asked for games. I gave you a bunch of them. If they are good is upto taste.

Onrush is coming and looks good. Take a look at it.