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d21lewis said: 
Faelco said: 

Can we talk about this article?


In my opinion the writer is disconnected with reality. Comparing the Xbox One today with the PS3 at the time of its comeback last gen is delusional to say the least.


First of all, the Ps3 came back because it was "natural". Once the big launch issue (price) was fixed, the continuous support, the variety of the games and the quality of the first party IPs, combined with the PlayStation image and the failure of other consoles in some or most of these areas, took it back. Not "risks", not BC (the opposite actually).


MS is doing nothing to come back except their own Pro console. Nothing indicates a real change to come back, new policies or anything groundbreaking. MS is rather in an acceptance position. They're losing and they're perfectly fine with it, completely opposite to Sony back then.


I don't get what the writer is trying to say...

He doesn't think XBO will make any type of comeback. He just says that being in second place makes them more willing to try different things. Whether or not being in second place was the reason for Sony's creativity last gen is something that can't be proven, though. They did make a lot of  changes, mostly for the better, though.

I think it's like Nintendo having to rethink their strategy after the GameCube and WiiU to win back fans. Then again, who knows how many years in advance companies have to work to put out a project? Anything M$, Sony, or Nintendo do to " make a comeback" could possibly be something they were planning to do anyway.


My point is, what creativity from Sony?


They had to do a cheaper SKU because they failed on the price. They did the Move (which kinda failed), because it was the motion control moment. That's it!

How were they especially innovative? Because they made first party games? But they did first party games on PSOne and PS2, it didn't change. Because they had a variety of different games? Well, the PS2 was the console with the most various games ever, so nothing new.


Sony didn't have to be "creative" to comeback. They just fixed their price mistake and rested on their usual strengths : variety of games, quality of exclusives,  lifetime support, and brand recognition. 


That's why I talked about "natural". PlayStation beating Xbox is natural, even if they had the exact same console. Because everybody knows Playstation has strengths Xbox doesn't have. And they're not building it now.