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d21lewis said:

New article that I really kinda agree with.

Can we talk about this article?


In my opinion the writer is disconnected with reality. Comparing the Xbox One today with the PS3 at the time of its comeback last gen is delusional to say the least.


First of all, the Ps3 came back because it was "natural". Once the big launch issue (price) was fixed, the continuous support, the variety of the games and the quality of the first party IPs, combined with the PlayStation image and the failure of other consoles in some or most of these areas, took it back. Not "risks", not BC (the opposite actually).


MS is doing nothing to come back except their own Pro console. Nothing indicates a real change to come back, new policies or anything groundbreaking. MS is rather in an acceptance position. They're losing and they're perfectly fine with it, completely opposite to Sony back then.


I don't get what the writer is trying to say...

Last edited by Faelco - on 01 June 2018